Dos and Don’ts Underwater and Ashore

Behaviour Underwater

Proper Behaviour Underwater
  • Don’t touch anything underwater. Sea creatures are not pets and are therefore not used to being touched. Hands destroy the thin layer of mucus on their scales, which protects them from parasites.

  • Never forget that corals are also animals, even though they sometimes look like plants or stones.

  • Don’t take anything from the sea, even if it appears dead – it belongs in the sea.

  • Try not to touch anything when diving or snorkeling and behave in the water in such a way that you do not have to hold on to anything unnecessarily.

Behaviour Ashore

Proper Behaviour Ashore
  • Don’t buy souvenirs such as shells, corals, tortoise shells, puffer fish, shark jaws, shark teeth, shell jewelry or other products made from marine animals.

  • Don’t collect shells and snail shells on the beach, but leave them where they belong. Hermit crabs grow constantly and need to find a new home, i.e. a larger snail shell, from time to time.

  • Don’t throw rubbish on the beach or into the water – the sea is not a rubbish bin. Cigarette filters, for example, are highly toxic and can be swallowed by fish, which they will not survive!

  • Don’t use disposable plastic bags and take all empty plastic packaging from shower gel, sun cream, cosmetics, etc. back home from your vacation for disposal.

  • Only buy or eat fish that you are sure it was caught using appropriate fishing methods. Many fishing methods result in unnecessary bycatch or damage to reefs. If in doubt, it is better to stay away.

  • Support Marine Conservation Organizations – they need all the help they can get. Share your knowledge with others – many have no idea that their behavior is damaging the environment.