Poisonous Meat from Tuna, Swordfish and Shark

Meat from large predatory fish is poisonous! By a method of analysis, patented by Professor Klaus Heumann of the University of Mainz (Germany), alarming concentrations of methyl mercury were found in tuna, swordfish and shark steaks.

A study – given by the shark protection organization Sharkproject – proved that there is up to 1’400 microgram of methyl mercury per kilogram blue shark steak. These are 420 microgram of methyl mercury in a normal 300 gram shark steak portion and this is 60 times more than a 70 kg heavy consumer per day may have.
The risk value is 0.1 microgram per kilogram body weight and day. This value was specified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in a toxicologist committee and is considered as new international standard. A consumer might take only 5 gram blue shark steak or 12.7 gram of smoked rock salmon (smoked dogfish) per day. Each higher dose can have serious consequences.

Methyl mercury is most dangerous for the human body. Toxicologist Dr. Hermann Kruse of the University of Kiel (Germany) says: “It is one of the biologically most active and most dangerous poisons for humans. In addition methyl mercury is a “Trojan horse” which can pass organic defensive mechanisms.”

Thereby methyl mercury can pass easily each human protective barrier as the separation mechanism between the blood circulation of a mother and her unborn child as well as the blood-brain barrier of each adult.

The consequences of such a poisoning are for an infant mental development disturbances and for an adult serious damage to the central nervous system. These express themselves by headache, memory difficulties or depressions. It can cause kidney damage, cancer and massive damages of the brain. There is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and pregnant women should be restrained because methyl mercury damages the fetus.

Who thinks that a smoked rock salmon (smoked dogfish), a small blue shark steak or a tuna sandwich now and then is not precarious is wrong because the half-life of methyl mercury is high. The human organism needs 60 to 80 days to halve the poison concentration in the body.

It also does not matter whether the fish is freshly caught or frozen; the toxins are already preserved in the meat.

(Source: www.sharkproject.org)