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That’s the point

Each year up to 39 million tons of bycatch are thrown back from fishing vessels into the sea dead and unused. Bycatch is defined as inedible or too little fish as well as turtles, sharks, rays, seabirds, seals, whales and dolphins.
The ratio between wanted fish and bycatch is often totally absurd. For 1 ton of sole about 11 tons bycatch has to die and for 1 ton of shrimp up to 14 tons of bycatch get killed.

More than three-quarters of the worldwide fish and seafood population are already fully overfished and exploited.

Because of their fins for shark fin soup, as alleged replacement for remedies or as bycatch in up to 40 miles long driftnets of enormous fishing fleets over 60 million sharks are killed annually.
As sharks are global spread it must be assumed that after their extermination the consequences will also appear global. A partial or total collapse of the individual food chains cannot be excluded.

The oceans are one of the most important ecological systems on the planet. They regulate the climate and produce about 70% of the oxygen we need to live.

The Senseless Killing by Humans

The Disgraceful Truth

Each second 2 sharks are killed by humans. These are more than 60 million killed sharks every year!

Every second minute a dolphin drowns in a net of commercial fishing fleets. These are more than 260'000 killed dolphins every year!